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Privacy Policy a “Site” is a unique online B2B marketplace which is mostly employed by online business entities to support electronic commerce and the usage of this particular business fails to usually involve the range of information that is personal of people today. Sell Junk Metal identifies the value of privacy and therefore the importance of keeping the confidentiality of personal data. This Privacy Policy is appropriate to all of the services and products we offer and describes accurately how we may perhaps gather, employ and disclose details in terms of end-users of the Sites.

You may take using our products and services into consideration with the support of a mobile device likewise through mobile-optimized websites or mobile applications. This Privacy Policy is also relevant to such application of our services and products.

All terms are not summarized within this profile, which is comprised of the meanings ascribed to all of them in the Terms and conditions of Use Agreement between the two of you i.e. You and which by access to this Website, you agree to accept.

1. Your privacy plays a very crucial role for us; thus, we have also taken measures to ensure that we tend not only to gather more details from you than is needed for us to offer you our services but also to keep your account safeguarded.
2. Information which incorporates, but definitely not restricted to, user name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, gender, date and/or year of birth and user personal preferences (“Registration Information”) might be acquired while you are user enrollment on the website.
3. We not only retain but also note down details of the users’ fun-based activities on the Websites. Details which are contained in these kinds of transactions including, but are not limited to, the groups and specifications of the products, charges and shipment details and any kind of trade legal dispute records (“Activities Information”) are generally gathered while sale and purchase transactions are performed on or made easy via the website.
4. Every now and then, we accumulate some information pertaining to our end users and potential users during trade shows, industry events, and other functions. The details we might gather at these specific locations may contain, still are not limited to, user name, address, phone number, fax number and email address (“Event Information”).
5. Account Information, Registration Details, Activities Information, Browsing Information and Event Information typically relate to online business entities and are collectively identified as business data (“Business Data”).

When you provide us with any kind of Personal Data, you have given us authorization to gather and use that Personal information for the following reasons:
1. Screening your own personal individuality;
2. Authenticating your eligibility to sign up as a subscriber of the website;
3. We process your request as a user and provide you with a log-in ID for the site. We handle as well as maintain your registration;
4. We provide customer support to handle your doubt, suggestions, arguments or claims;
5. To support communication between sellers and buyers on the Website and your transactions processing on the Site;
6. Carrying out research and statistical analysis that lets you enhance the layout and content of the Site, to improve our services and offerings and for promotional and marketing purposes;
7. We can use your personal information, including name, phone number, residential address, email address, fax number and other data (“Marketing Data”) to provide notices, surveys, product or service alerts, and communications. Also, we provide marketing products to you connected with products or services we supply on our Website, including but certainly not confined to Business Subscription Plan, Premium Subscription Plan, and Free Subscription Plan.

1. You are of the same opinion that we may perhaps reveal and copy (either within or maybe outside the jurisdiction of the Sell Junk Metal entity you are usually contracting with) your Personal Data to retailers we have engage who can help us with offering you our services, such as promotions, database management, products alerts and services, payment extension services, delivery services, verification services, and more.
2. You acknowledge that we can transfer and disclose (whether outside or within the jurisdiction of the Sell Junk Metal entity that you will be contracting with), for the purposes stipulated at B.1 to B.7 above, your own personal Data to further affiliated companies or/and their allocated Service Providers of the Sell Junk Metal.
3. We can easily share your personal Account Information with vendors or banks to permit your transactions on the Websites to be executed. Furthermore, we can use the information of your account to understand your credit-worthiness. Also, we may have to create such Account Information which banks or credit agencies can access.

Under the appropriate laws and regulations, you have got the right of access to personal data placed by us and to demand a change of the information.
Should you have any questions or concerns pertaining to this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to rectify or gain access to your Personal Data, you can send your request in posting to the following address:

The Sites and their content don’t focus on minors (those under the age of 18) and we usually do not intend to offer any of our services or products to minors. We surely do not have a dependable way of differentiating the age of people who hat access our Site. If a minor has provided us with personal data without the consent or approval of the guardian or parents, it is important that either party should speak with our Legal Department at the address stated in point D above to eliminate the information.

Any changes made to this Privacy Policy are likely to be communicated by us placing reaffirmed and a revised Privacy Policy on the Website. Once the Privacy Policy is uploaded on the Website, it is going to be effective rapidly. You agree with the fact that any kind of information we keep relating to you (as explained within this Privacy Policy) will most likely be administered by the latest version of the Privacy Policy.